A Complete Guide to Finding Cheap Flights

Lowcost.pro is a company of travel experts who scour the web daily to find amazing flight deals and mistake fares. They send relevant deals directly to your inbox (only in russian version). Simply sign up, input your preferred airports, and start receiving cheap flight deals.

Lowcost Flights
Lowcost Flights

Choosing Your Airports and Tips for Connecting Flights

When selecting airports, it’s a good idea to add a couple of different options – the closest airport to you and a bigger airport nearby. If you plan to fly to a specific region, consider selecting an airport that frequently has deals for that area and then book a connecting flight separately if needed.

Deal Alerts and Booking Flights


You will receive deal alerts in your inbox. Keep an eye out for these emails and be prepared to book as soon as you see a deal that interests you, as they can disappear quickly. When booking, purchase directly from the airline for the best flexibility.

International Expansion and Alternatives

Currently, Lowcost not only offers deals for flights originating from the United States.

In conclusion, Lowcost.pro can be a valuable resource for finding cheap flights if you are flexible with your travel plans. The free plan is a great starting point, and upgrading to a paid plan can provide even more benefits and savings.

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Mihail Schwarz
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