A Thrilling Adventure Awaits: Taking the Cheapest Flight Every Day

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took the cheapest flight every day without knowing the destination? Well, that’s precisely what I did, and it led me on an incredible journey to five different countries.

I used lowcost.pro feature that lets you search for flights to “everywhere” as your destination, resulting in the cheapest possible flight options. With the help of my flatmate, I booked the flights, only knowing the first destination – the rest was a thrilling surprise. Join me as I share my adventure, hopping from one country to another, exploring new cultures and making memories.

First Stop: Poland

a blue and white trolley on a street with buildings on either side
Wroclaw / Photo by Valeria Bukina

My first destination was Wrocław, Poland, where I managed to get a one-way flight for just £10. Upon arrival, I set out to complete three challenges: taste the national dish and drink, and visit three places of interest. As I wandered around the picturesque Market Square, I came across numerous quaint shops and the Old Town Hall, which I initially mistook for a church. Later, I tried pierogi (Polish dumplings) at a local restaurant, along with some potent vodka – a true Polish experience.

While watching a Poland vs. Mexico football match, I decided to make a fun bet: if Poland won, I would stay in a five-star hotel, and if they lost, I would stay in the cheapest accommodation I could find. Sadly, Poland lost, and I ended up in a £3 hostel.

Next Destination: Rome, Italy

gray concrete building
Rome / Photo by Carlos Ibáñez

The next morning, I discovered my next destination was Rome, Italy, with a flight costing only £18. Upon arrival, I was relieved to find warmer weather, and I quickly rented a bike to explore the city. The Colosseum was a must-visit, and after taking some photos and marveling at the ancient structure, I booked a ticket to go inside. The experience was truly awe-inspiring, as I stood where gladiators once fought for their lives.

The city’s beauty was beyond anything I had imagined, and as daylight began to fade, I hopped back on my bike to continue exploring Rome’s treasures.

Embarking on a spontaneous adventure, I hopped on the cheapest lowcost.pro flight and found myself in the heart of Rome, Italy. The city’s stunning streets and breathtaking statues left me in awe. I explored Vatican City, the smallest country in the world, with a population of just around a thousand. Though I couldn’t get my passport stamped, the sheer beauty of the place made the visit well worth it.


person standing on rock near body of water
Cyprus / Photo by Igor Starkov

After a day in Rome, I took a quick flight to Cyprus, where I sought out the national dish, fasolada. However, this proved to be a more challenging task than expected. While searching for the elusive dish, I discovered some impressive Roman ruins, rented a bike to explore the area, and eventually settled for a delicious souvlaki instead.

Tel Aviv

tel aviv, city, urb
Tel Aviv / Photo by nemo88

In Tel Aviv, Israel, I visited the bustling Carmel Market, soaked up the sun on the beach, and wandered through the ancient streets of Jaffa. Though I initially planned to try falafel, the national dish, I ended up with a mouth-watering shawarma instead. The trip concluded with a lively football match at a local American bar, where I made some new friends and enjoyed a night out in the vibrant city.

Throughout this whirlwind week, I explored three incredible destinations on a budget, proving that sometimes the best adventures are the ones you least expect. If you’re itching for an unforgettable trip, consider booking the cheapest flight and see where the journey takes you.

Mihail Schwarz
Mihail Schwarz
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